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The following Test Facilities have been inspected by the Swiss Monitoring Authorities. It was found that they were operating in compliance with the GLP Principles at the time they were inspected. The Facilities are in the compliance monitoring programme of the authorities.

According to article 6 paragraph 2 of the Ordinance on Good Laboratory Practice (OGLP), the Test Facilites are re-inspected every two to three years on a routine basis.

The list is regularly updated according to article 14 OGLP. In case of doubt concerning the actual situation of a particular Facility please contact the notification authority for chemicals.

Test Facilities Last
Areas of Expertise*

AnaPath Services GmbH
4410 Liestal
AnaPath Services GmbH
4625 Oberbuchsiten


Sep 2017 OTH
AO Research Institute Davos
7270 Davos Platz
June 2018 OTH (biocompatibility and efficacy studies with medical devices and pharmaceuticals)
Arcadis Schweiz AG
8952 Schlieren
Aug 2019 ECT, ENF, PCT
Bracco Suisse SA
1228 Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva
Sep 2018 ACC, TOX
b Sys GmbH
4108 Witterswil
March 2018 OTH
Celerion Switzerland AG
8320 Fehraltorf
Nov 2018 ACC
F.Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.
Pharma Research
4070 Basel
Jan 2020 ACC, MUT, OTH
(safety pharmacology, pathology evaluation)
Firmenich SA
Laboratoire de biodégradation
1211 Genève
Dec 2018 OTH
Givaudan SA
1214 Vernier
Jun 2019 ENF, PCT
Idorsia Ltd.4123 Allschwil Jun 2018 ACC 
Environmental Services (IES) Ltd.
4108 Witterswil
(in vitro metabolism/dermal penetration)
Institute for Biopharmaceutical
Research (IBR), Inc.
9548 Matzingen
July 2019 ACC, OTH
(pharmacokinetics, immunological
Intertek (Schweiz) AG
TechCenter Reinach
4153 Reinach
June 2019 PCT, ACC
LKC Switzerland Ltd
4414 Füllinsdorf
March 2018 OTH
(study direction of multisite residue studies)
MSRU Vetsuisse Faculty Zürich
8057 Zürich
Oct 2019 TOX, OTH
(biocompability and efficacy with medical devices and pharmaceuticals) 
Novartis Pharma AG
PCS/ Project Pathology
4002 Basel
Feb 2019 OTH (pathology review)
Philip Morris Products S.A.
Research and Development
PMI Product Testing
2000 Neuchâtel
Apr 2018 PCT, MUT, ACC, OTH
(in vitro toxicity)
1228 Plan-les-Ouates
May 2019 ACC
Swiss BioQuant AG
4153 Reinach
Apr 2019 ACC
Syngenta Crop Protection AG
GLP Testing Facility WMU
4333 Münchwilen
Nov 2019 ACC, PCT
SYNLAB pharma institute AG
4127 Birsfelden
Jan 2020 ACC, OTH
(in vitro cytotoxicity)

Areas of Expertise:
PCT Physical-chemical testing
TOX Toxicity studies
MUT Mutagenicity studies
ECT Environmental toxicity studies on aquatic and terrestrial organisms
ENF Studies on behaviour in water, soil, and air; bioaccumulation
RES Residue studies
EMN Studies on effects on mesocosms and natural ecosystems
ACC Analytical and clinical chemistry testing
OTH Other studies, specify

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