The notification authority for chemicals is the common authority for the notification and authorization of chemicals of the FOEN, the FOPH and the SECO.



Here you can find information and important changes in relation to chemical legislation.


E-application for chemicals (RPC)

E-applications for chemicals offer companies the possibility to register new products or to submit a request for authorisation AN as well as to modify already registered products.


Overview of obligations for placing different chemical products on the market

On this webpage, you will find an overview of the legal obligations for the different chemical categories such as existing respectively new substances, preparations and biocidal products and a direct link to the relative page with the more detailed information.


On this web page you can find all events organised by the notification authority for chemicals.


Guidelines and Interpretation Aids to the Chemicals Legislation

Given the complexity of the legislation, certain provisions applicable to detailed, specific interpretations are explained in order to facilitate their implementation