Guide concerning the mention of perfumes contained in preparations subject to the obligation to be registered in the product register

Perfumes used in chemical products, in particular in cleansing products and detergents, are generally preparations comprising a plurality of substances, of which some are classified as dangerous.

Depending on its composition, the perfume may be classified as dangerous or not and in the majority of cases a safety data sheet has to be compiled for the perfume.

The dangerous constituents of the perfume must be taken into consideration when classifying the preparation that contains this perfume and when compiling the safety data sheet for the preparation. In situations where the full composition of the preparation must be notified to the register of chemical products, it may then be complicated to mention each constituent of the perfume along with its concentration in the preparation.

This guide proposes a simplified way to register the perfumes contained in the preparations.

Last modification 28.09.2016

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