When is an ingredient declared?

Only the hazardous substances of a hazardous preparation require a declaration and must also be mentioned on the product label.

Unlike all other components that are cited “only” under Point 3 (composition) or even not at all in the safety data sheet, one additionally finds (in the case where a substance that requires a declaration is present in the preparation) the substances that require a declaration as the hazardous components under Point 2 (labelling) of the safety data sheet.

The appropriate box in the e-notification form has to be ticked if substances that require a declaration are present:


Please signify with “Declared, Yes” only those substances that require a declaration according to the safety data sheet and the product label; understand clearly that a declared substance will be visible as important information for consumers as well as in the public product register (of course without exact details of the content).

Last modification 27.09.2016

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