Product duplication function

The new function “duplicate product” has been available to notifiers since September 2016.

The aim of the function is to reduce the workload for notifiers. The new function is intended to enable notifiers to duplicate identical or similar products in the RPC as rapidly as possible. A new button “duplicate product” has been created in the RPC for this purpose, and enables company users to duplicate an already existing product in a few steps.

Scheme of the duplication steps in RPC:


In a duplication the type of duplication as well as the fields (information) to be duplicated can be freely chosen. In all cases neither the CPID number nor uploaded documents will be duplicated.

With the duplication it should be noted that the type of duplication must be notified only for informational purposes. Duplicates are always absolutely independent of each other. Therefore, changes from “parent product” are not automatically transferred/passed on to the “daughter product”.

The CIPD number is first allocated to the duplicate on saving it for the first time.

For product families, a duplicate should always be created from the same product (source product, parent product, reference product). At a later date this will simplify searches for companies and market surveillance.

Last modification 27.09.2016

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