Brief explanation of product status

In the authorised area of the product register for chemicals the logged-in users/notifiers can see the status of all of their own “products” in the product search.

There are three possible status descriptors:

  • In process
    means that the product is still being processed by the notifier (company).
  • Under examination
    The product has been successfully uploaded by the notifier. Remark: The control of the Notification Authority Chemicals takes place periodically. In case of urgent controls, we ask you to send an e-mail to the Notification Authority ( with the CPID number.
  • Qualified
    The product is OK and visible in the public product register.

For preparations the ‘qualified’ status does not guarantee that the notification was correct.

According to self-regulation the Swiss notifier i.e. the manufacturer or importer of a preparation is responsible in all cases for the correct contents of a notification. This is also the case if a foreign supplier has made the notification on the internet on behalf of the Swiss notifier. The Notification Authority, if need be, checks notifications for their completeness; further checks are made on a random basis by the cantonal chemicals centres.

Last modification 27.08.2020

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