Opening a user account

New principal user: Manufacturer: any natural or legal person domiciled in Switzerland or with a registered office or branch in Switzerland, who manufactures, extracts or imports substances, preparations or objects in a professional or commercial capacity.

A principal user may obtain access to the authorised area of the product register in three steps:

  1. The person wishing to obtain access has first to independently open a personal user account (user-ID and password) on the log-in page of RPC. Please refer to the instructions (PDF, 1 MB, 13.04.2018).  

  2. After opening the user access, fill in the application form and send it to the Notification Authority.
    By  e-Mail to an cheminfo[@] or by post to the Notification Authority for Chemicals, FOPH, 3003-Bern

  3. On receiving the application form the Notification Authority makes the required link between the person (user) and the Company (Swiss submitter). In addition the corresponding rights and profile are assigned to the new principal user.

The new user will then be informed by mail that he/she is now allowed to access the authorised area and to register new products, as well as to manage already notified/authorised products.

Principal users have the right to allow one or more sub-users (submitters) to be registered for the corresponding CH-Company. 

Last modification 18.12.2019

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