User accounts

To be able to manage and maintain chemicals in the Chemicals Product Register (RPC), you need a CH-Login user account in advance:

  • User accounts are personalized and non-transferable.
  • For reasons of data protection, the administration/responsibility of the user accounts lies exclusively with the users concerned.
  • A user account can be assigned to several Swiss companies with different roles. 

Opening a main user account:
Main users have in return to the sub-user the authorization to authorize further sub-users for the same CH notifier (manufacturer in the sense of the ChemO).

Opening a sub-user account:
Sub-users have the possibility to enter supplementary data/full reports in the RPC without the main user or other sub-users being able to view the confidential information (composition, quantities, information on nanomaterials and, if applicable, documents).

Sub-users can:

  • on the one hand be located within the same company as the main user
  • on the other hand belong to an external company (also from abroad). This case usually occurs when the composition of a product is to be provided directly by the chemical manufacturer (i.e. a sub-user), without the CH importer (i.e. the main user) being allowed to see the confidential information.

Link - FAQ User accounts

Last modification 19.11.2023

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