User roles and types of notification

Before you can work with your CH-Login user account in the Product Register for Chemicals (RPC), your account must be authorised for the notifier including the user role and types of notification via the application form. There are two different user roles and types of notification :

User roles

Main user account:
Unlike sub-users, main users have the possibility to authorise sub-users for the same notifier (i.e. manufacturer in terms of ChemO, Definition of Manufacturer ( In the future, the main users will be given more responsibility in dealing with the linked user accounts of the notifier as well as the data management. For this reason, we strongly recommend that at least one person who works for the notifier bears the role of a main user.

Sub-user account:
Sub-users have the possibility to enter, view and edit data and complete entries in the Product Register for Chemicals (RPC) for a notifier.

Sub-users can

  • be additional persons within the notifier or
  • belong to an external or foreign company. This case usually occurs when the composition of a chemical product has to be provided directly by the chemical manufacturer without the Swiss importer being allowed to see the confidential information. In this context, also note the circumstances of the authorship.



The user roles, i.e. main and sub-user, act independently in the Product Register for Chemicals (RPC) and are not hierarchically linked.

A successfully activated CH-Login user account can be linked to several notifiers with different roles. To link an existing user account with an additional notifier, simply submit the completed application form. The amount of notifiers is unlimited. When you log into the register, you can select the company you want to work for the session.

Types of notification

  • Preparation / Substance / Biocidal product / Parallel imported plant protection product
  • Fertiliser

The access of a main or sub-user account to the types of notification in the Product Register for Chemicals (RPC) is authorised via the application form. Types can be added on a later date by resubmitting the application form.

Last modification 20.11.2023

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