Release Note: Product register for chemicals V 4.2

Version 4.2 of the Chemical Register (RPC) was released on 14.12.2022. It is a version released to correct some errors and to implement new features regarding the mass notification tool.

What's new:

• Two new types of fertiliser have been added:
      o 790: NK fertiliser suspension
      o 791: NK fertiliser suspension with urea-formaldehyde

• Mass notification tool (see: Supplement Release Notes 4.2):
      o Contact Information

Impact on users:
• Please note that backward compatibility with previous codes has been foreseen, but is unlikely to be maintained beyond next year. We therefore advise you to adapt your systems as soon as possible, bearing in mind that new changes may be necessary with future releases. At the end of this period, files containing obsolete codes will no longer be validated by the system. Further timely information on the duration of the backward compatibility period will follow.
Please note that with this release a new version of the user manual for the mass communication tool has been published (Mass registration interface (

Last modification 14.12.2022

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