7. When do submissions have to be updated?

Art. 52 ChemO indicates when submissions have to be updated:

1. Modifications to the information referred to in Section 5 of this guidance (i.e. the information specified in Art. 49 and 50) must be reported within three months. A submission must always be updated if there is any change in the classification or labelling. If this is not the case, for variations of the concentration of components requiring a submission update, the provisions of Part B Section 4 of Annex VIII to the CLP Regulation can serve as a guide:

Variations of the concentration of components requiring a submission update

2. If the quantity of substances and preparations dangerous to the environment actually supplied in a year falls outside the reported category of quantities placed on the market, the quantity placed on the market in the previous year must be reported by 31 March of the following year in accordance with the categories specified in Article 49 paragraph 1 letter c number 6 and letter d number 6.

Last modification 14.04.2023

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