5. What information on substances and preparations has to be reported?

The requirements for reporting of substances and preparations are specified in Art. 49 ChemO and additionally, for the extended report for preparations, in Art. 50 ChemO.
To be included in all reports are:
the name and address of the manufacturer in Switzerland.17

In general, substances and already reported preparations can be selected from a list in the RPC. If a substance does not appear in the list, please contact the Notification Authority.

17To be included, in addition, is the name of the person responsible for placing on the market in the EEA, as specified in Article 17 paragraph 1 letter a of the CLP Regulation, if the manufacturer’s name is not mentioned on the labelling. This only applies if, in accordance with Art. 10 para. 3bis, the substances or preparations:
a. are not intended for distribution to private users; or
b. are supplied to private users, are contained in an inner packaging in portions of no more than 125 ml or g and are marked on the outer packaging with the name, address and telephone number of the manufacturer.

Last modification 14.04.2023

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