2. Who is required to submit reports?

Under Art. 48 ChemO, manufacturers are required to submit reports. According to Art. 2 para. 1 let. b ChemO, manufacturer means:

1. any natural or legal person domiciled in Switzerland or with a registered office or branch in Switzerland, who manufactures, extracts or imports substances, preparations or objects in a professional or commercial capacity, and,

2. any person who obtains substances, preparations or objects in Switzerland and supplies them on a commercial basis, without altering their composition:

  • under his own name, without specifying the name of the original manufacturer,
  • under his own trade name,
  • in packaging other than that provided by the original manufacturer,
  • for a different intended use, or
  • at a location where the labelling in accordance with Article 10 paragraph 3 letter b has not been applied in the official language by the original manufacturer,

3. a person is deemed to be the sole manufacturer if he arranges for the manufacture of a substance, preparation or object in Switzerland by a third party, and if he is domiciled or has a registered office or branch in Switzerland; if he has neither his domicile, a registered office or branch in Switzerland, the third party is the sole manufacturer.

In other words, as well as the actual manufacturer, an importer of substances and preparations, a formulator and a repackager are also considered to be manufacturers within the meaning of the ChemO and are thus required to submit reports. Also deemed to be manufacturers are relabellers placing a product on the market under their own name or under their own trade name, and traders taking a product to a part of the country where labelling in the official language has not been applied. In the case of contract manufacturing, the Swiss client is deemed to be the manufacturer.

Last modification 14.04.2023

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