The packaging of chemicals must be secure. In particular, the contents must not leak and thereby endanger people and the environment.

Products that are particularly dangerous to children and visually impaired people shall be fitted with child-resistant closures and tactile warning symbols.

The consumer must not be misled

The packaging of chemical products must be designed so as not to mislead consumers. If they are available to private users they must be designed in such a way that they cannot be mistaken for packaging of foodstuffs, cosmetics, medicaments or feedstuffs.

Requirements for secure packaging

Hazardous substances and preparations basically need to be packaged in such a way that they neither endanger life nor the health of people nor the environment.

In order to comply with this principle, packaging must satisfy at least the following requirements:

  • It must safely withstand the expected stresses and strains
  • The closures must not loosen
  • The contents must not leak accidently or damage the packaging

Specific protection for children and visually impaired people

The packaging must protect children in particular and also visually impaired people from hazardous contents: Therefore, the packaging of a chemical product must not arouse the curiosity of children. Child-resistant closures and/or tactile warning symbols are also compulsory for certain hazardous products that are handed over to private users.

Last modification 15.09.2016

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