Information on chemical products

Information on chemical products is intended to provide the user with an accurate picture of the hazardous nature and the handling of the product in question. In no case may the consumer of hazardous chemical products be misled with indications such as “non-toxic”, “of reduced toxicity”, “non-hazardous”, etc.

For distance selling, thus for example Internet sales, the client must be informed of the hazardous characteristics of the product prior to the sale. The best way of doing this is by displaying the label or by showing the hazard pictogram, the hazard statement and the signal words.


“Advertising” is understood to mean recommendations, statements, presentations and claims, which concern health, environmental acceptability, use or disposal, and which may influence a purchasing decision. The advertising may be disseminated by newspapers, catalogues, placards, flyers, radio, television, internet or by similar ways.

The following Guide explains the legal provisions in regard to the advertising of chemicals: Diverse provisions are stipulated in the Chemicals Ordinance, Ordinance on Biocidal Products, Fertiliser Ordinance, Plant Protection Products Ordinance as well as the Ordinance on Chemical Risk Reduction.
The Guide indicates examples of which advertising statements are permissible and which are inadmissible.

Last modification 16.09.2016

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