Polymers (but not the monomers) are exempted from the notification obligation under ChemO and from registration obligation under REACH. In order to benefit from this exemption, the substance must correspond to the polymer definition in art. 2 par. 2 let. g ChemO. Within the scope of self-regulation, the notifier must check this (in case of uncertainty, it may ask his supplier).

*Polymer means a substance consisting of molecules characterized by the sequence of one or more types of monomer units and comprising:

  1. a simple weight majority of molecules containing at least three monomer units which are covalently bound to at least one other monomer unit or other reactant and
  2. less than a simple weight majority of molecules of the same molecular weight; these molecules must be distributed over a range of molecular weights wherein differences in the molecular weight are primarily attributable to differences in the number of monomer units;

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