How do I proceed as an importer?

  • If I import directly, I must notify myself
  • My foreign supplier may submit data directly and separately to the notification authority. Confirmation of receipt, decision and bill are always addressed to me.
  • My foreign supplier may design an only representative who notifies in my place. He must provide the notification authority with a list of all his importers, as well as of the quantities. I must inform my only representative annually about the quantities I am importing.
  • If a notifier of another supply chain has notified already, I may

- buy the substance/preparation from him
- let myself being represented by his only representative (contact the foreign supplier)
- ask the previous notifier to provide me with a letter of access as a further notifier. In this case, the notification authority will refer to the previous notifier's data (art. 29 ChemO).

Last modification 28.11.2018

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