How and where to submit the notification/where to report?

Reportingto the notification authority for chemicals using the E-application for chemicals (RPC):

The notification of a new substance must be sent

Federal Office of Public Health
Notification authority for chemicals
CH-3003 Bern

The notification dossier must contain inter alia:

  • Accompanying letter (CH notifier)
  • Indications of the CH quantity
  • Indications of the public substance name
  • IUCLID file (substance export file, not write-protected)
  • IUCLID Validation Assistant plug-in passed (completeness check prior to sending)
  • Safety data sheet (for classified substances)
  • Chemical safety report (above 10 tons per year)
  • PDF copies of available test reports for substances which were notified before 1.6.2008 in the EU/EEA

You will find all necessary information in the Guidelines for notification, registration and declaration of new substances in accordance with the Swiss Chemicals Ordinance.

Registration of dangerous existing substances or preparations occurs via electronic form on the chemicals product register.


Last modification 03.12.2019

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