Substances in Annex 1.17 ORRChem (Annex XIV REACH)

Exemption for substances in Annex 1.17 ORRChem (substances listed in Annex XIV REACH)

After the expiry of the transitional period it is fundamentally prohibited to use and to place on the market for use in Switzerland the substances listed in Annex 1.17 ORRChem (substances listed in Annex XIV to the Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 (REACH).

The FOEN includes candidate list substances (Annex 3 ChemO) per Office ordinance into the Annex 1.17 ORRChem. The FOEN decides in consultation with the FOPH and SECO, and takes into account the changes of Annex XIV REACH .

In Switzerland no exemption needs to be requested:

  • if the European Commission, supported by Article 60 paragraph 1 or the REACH Regulation, has granted authorisation and the EU-authorised substance is placed on the market and used or
  • for those uses of the substance in question, for which an application for authorisation had been submitted in a timely manner according to Article 62 of the REACH Regulation, but for which a decision has still not been taken.

Should you conclude that you should submit an application in Switzerland, then on this page you can find out how to submit an application to the Notification Authority for Chemicals for exemption pursuant to Annex 1.17 number 2 paragraph 4 ORRChem.

Last modification 19.10.2023

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