What must a socio-economic analysis contain at least?

A socio-economic analysis has to demonstrate the extent to which the socio-economic benefits of the notified use of the substance outweigh the risks to health and the environment. Here, possible alternatives should also be considered and shown not to be suitable. For an authorisation in Switzerland the socio-economic analysis must be tailored to Swiss conditions.

1. Socio-economic benefits

• information on the size of the company in question
• Benefits for the company
• Benefits to the whole economy
• Total social benefits
• How could this situation change over time?
• Impacts of a ban (the most probable impacts of a non-availability of the substance):

- Use of an unsuitable alternative
- Changes to the product quality
- Changes to the process quality
- Terminating the offer of certain goods or services
- Costs or savings for manufacturers, importers, dealers and users in the supply chain.
- Relocation of certain production activities to third countries
- Social impacts on workers, users and society, e.g. employment, working conditions, job satisfaction, education of workers and social security.
- Macroeconomic impacts on growth, taxes, etc. (trade, competition and economic development). The more a use is limited to one company, one industry or sector, the sooner an analysis of the impacts can also itself be limited to the company, an industry or sector.
- Information on the reasons for limiting the scope to a specific geographical region or to a specific part of the supply chain.

2. Risks to health and the environment

• Number of exposed workers in the company
• Measures to control the risks
• Possible effects, as well as health and ecological impacts, which may occur in relation to the use of a substance in the supply chain in question as well as in the complete life cycle of the substance.
• Reasons for not considering certain impacts
• State the difference from an existing authorisation in the EU (for another use).

3. Possible alternatives

• Investigated alternative substances
• Investigated alternative technologies (process, product modification)
• Options for switching as well as their feasibility
• How could this situation change over time? Which actions would be required, within which time frame, to switch to a possible alternative substance/technique (substitution plan)?


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