Reporting in case of acquisition and use of a listed substance

Reporting requirements listed in Annex 1.17 Number 3 of the Chemical Risk Reduction Ordinance (ORRChem, RS 814.81)

One-time reporting as specified in Number 3 paragraph 1

In Switzerland, any person who obtains and uses on a professional or commercial basis a substance listed in Number 5 paragraph 1 Annex 1.17, or a preparation containing such a substance, in accordance with Number 3 upon expiry of the transitional period, must provide the Notification Authority, within three months after the first delivery, with details of the use and the EU authorisation number or, if applicable, the Swiss approval number of the substance concerned (No. 3 para. 1).

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Annual reporting as specified in Number 3 paragraph 1bis

In addition to the one-time reporting requirement, an annual reporting requirement applies to any person who uses a chromium(VI) compound listed in Number 5 paragraph 1 with the entry numbers 16 (chromium trioxide), 17 (acids formed from chromium trioxide, and their oligomers) and/or 18 (sodium dichromate) in a process in whose end product is not in hexavalent form (No. 3 para. 1bis). Those affected are, in particular, who chrome plate workpieces (functional chrome plating including decorative chrome plating).

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