Past consultations on requested uses

On this page, pursuant to paragraph 8 number 2 of Annex 1.17 ORRChem, the Notification Authority for Chemicals publishes public information from closed consultations on requested uses pursuant to paragraph 4.

Applicant name Substance name Commercial name Requested uses Non-confidential information about the requested uses Date until which information on alternative substances or technologies may be submitted by interested third parties
Erie Elektroverre SA , Romont Diarsenic trioxide
CAS 1327-53-3
Diarsenic trioxide  Use of diarsenic trioxide for manufacturing flat extra white glass for microscope slides CSR, AoA,SEA,  Version publique.pdf 15.10.2016
Axalta Polymer Powders Switzerland Sàrl, Bulle Trichlorethylene CAS 79-01-6  Trichloroethylene Use of Trichloroethylene as a solvent in the manufacturing of ultrafine thermoplastic polymer powders CSR, AoA, SEA: public version 03.09.2018
RUAG Aviation, Emmen Trichlorethylene
CAS 79-01-6
Trichloroethylene Use of Trichloroethylene in repair glue for aircraft fuel tanks Report on use and exposition: public version 04.02.2019
BASF Schweiz AG Bis(2-methoxyethyl)-ether
CAS 111-96-6
Diglyme Use of diglyme as solvent in the manufacturing process of products used in the electronic industry in several applications CSR, AoA: public version 20.01.2020
Cilag Ltd. Chromium trioxide
CAS 1333-82-0
Chromium trioxide use of a combustion catalyst containing chromium trioxide for the treatment of waste air from chemical production Antrag Cilag AG Chromtrioxid 02.06.2020
CIMO Compagnie industrielle de Monthey SA

Chromium trioxide

CAS 1333-82-0

Chromium trioxide Use of a catalyst containing chromium trioxide in the waste air treatment system of a hazardous waste treatment plant CIMO SA - catalyseur contenant Cr(VI)-version publique 15.4.2021

Last modification 13.10.2021

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