Product types

Biocidal products are classified into four main groups: disinfectants, preservatives, pest control and other biocidal products. The four main groups contain 22 product types (Annex 10 Ordinance on Biocidal Products).

Biocidal products of a product type may comprise only those biocidal active substances that have also been notified or approved for that product type. A biocidal product is authorised for one or more product types. If a biocidal product contains an active substance that has been notified for a plurality of product types, and the biocidal product has also been authorised for these product types, then the transitional regulations apply for this biocidal product only from the approval date on which the active substance had been approved for the last product type (recorded in the lists of Annex 1 or 2).

A table of all product types is shown below together with a description of each product type. 

Last modification 20.07.2023

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