Disinfectants with required efficacy dossier

This overview lists the products for which an efficacy dossier is required.

In special cases the list has to be interpreted. In cases of doubt, please contact the notification authority. If an efficacy dossier is not required, the applicant must be in possession of the proofs of efficacy for the product and make them available to users.

Product types and sub-types for disinfectants
(as per Annex 10, OBP, SR 813.12)
Application for which an efficacy dossier is required
Product type 1: Human hygiene biocidal products  
Disinfectants for cleaning the skin, for example hand disinfectants, disinfectant soap, antimicrobial cleansing gel, wet wipes; for food establishments, hospitals, children, toilets, and veterinary use Dossier required
Products for preventing athlete’s foot at swimming pools Dossier required
Product type 2: Disinfectants for private use and public healthcare, and other biocidal products used in public healthcare  
Surface disinfection   
Disinfectants for medical facilities, schools, old-people’s homes and industrial activities: products for disinfecting floors, walls and all other surfaces, equipment, solariums, etc.; used by cleaning personnel, medical personnel Dossier required
Disinfectants used in the home, for example disinfectant washing-up liquids, disinfectant cleaning products for kitchens, bathrooms and toilets; telephones, etc. Dossier required
Surface disinfection via the air (aerosols, steam/vapour, smoke)  Air disinfection Dossier required
Biocides for surface disinfection in public indoor or outdoor swimming pools. Used by swimming pool personnel Dossier required
Disinfection of water in swimming pools  
Disinfection of water in private swimming pools (all active substances) No dossier
Disinfection of water in public swimming pools with chlorinated active substances (except dichloroisocyanurate)  No dossier
Disinfection of water in public swimming pools with non-chlorinated active substances (not recognised in SIA norm 385/9) Dossier required
Other type 2 products  
Biocidal products for air conditioning systems: disinfectants for use in humidifiers and condensing components in air conditioning units No dossier
Biocidal products for chemical toilets (including caravans) and the treatment of waste water, hospital and lab waste No dossier
- Detergents and disinfectants for clothing and textiles No dossier
Other biocidal products under Product type 2: specify areas of application more precisely, e.g. containers, humidifiers, waste bins, ponds, etc., algaecides for (care and) treatment of building materials No dossier
- Products classified as biocides because of their disinfectant properties (e.g paints, masks, textiles, etc.)  Dossier required
Product type 3: Veterinary hygiene biocidal products (animal husbandry and veterinary practices)  
Routine disinfection  
Use in areas where animals are housed, kept or transported. Specify areas of application more precisely, e.g. microbiocidal products for surfaces, for use in foot baths for animals, for people in boots, for use in animal enclosures (for example chicken coops or pig stalls). As a water additive to combat fish parasites (without therapeutic claims) No dossier
Preventive disinfection of teats No dossier 
- Disinfectant hoof baths (for microorganisms in the hoof) No dossier
Products used to prevent and combat epizootic diseases. Disinfectants for surfaces with low-grade contamination (thoroughly pre-cleaned, non-porous surfaces). Disinfectants for surfaces with high-grade contamination (but pre-cleaned) or porous surfaces (vehicle bodywork and wheels, machines/equipment and boots). Disinfectants for the immersion of objects with high-grade contamination. Dossier required
Product type 4: Food and feed area disinfectants   
Products for disinfecting equipment, vats, containers, cutlery and crockery, surfaces, milking machines and pipework used in connection with the production, transport, storage or consumption of foods or feeds or drinks (including drinking water) for humans and animals. Professional use in food industry establishments, abattoirs, in the processing of poultry, fruit, milk and vegetables, baked goods, and outlets where food is sold (disinfection of tables and other work surfaces). Disinfection of feed areas Dossier required
Disinfectants for water supply systems (drinking water for humans or animals): reservoirs, pipelines, etc.  Dossier required
Disinfectants for private kitchens Dossier required
Surface disinfection: greenhouses, agriculture No dossier
Product type 5: Disinfectants for drinking water for humans and animals  
Professional water treatment in waterworks, mostly industrial processes involving chlorine. Non-professional use of biocidal products for disinfecting water for camping, caravans/motor homes, hikers, travel, etc. Dossier only if requested by notification authority

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