Obligations in regard to the supply of chemicals

Supplying or selling chemicals also means taking responsibility. Various obligations depend on the hazard rating: customer information, exclusion of self-service, notification of the chemicals contact person etc.

Prohibition of supply to private persons – information requirements and specialist knowledge

  • Certain very dangerous chemicals that are labelled as toxic, carcinogenic, mutagenic, toxic to reproduction or explosive may not be supplied to private persons. Only professional persons may acquire and use those chemicals designated under “Group 1”.
  • When chemicals from Group 1 are supplied the professional/commercial end user must be explicitly notified of the required protective measures and the correct disposal methods. Soecialist knowledge includes the know-how needed to be able to inform the customers about safe handling of the chemical (use, manipulation, particular dangers, storage, disposal, first aid and emergency telephone numbers)

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Exclusion of self-service – information and specialist knowledge requirements

  • Certain chemicals classified as toxic, organ-damaging, corrosive, flammable or dangerous for the environment, as well as pepper sprays, may not be supplied to the general public (private persons) through self-service channels.
  • When such chemicals classified under “Group 2” are supplied to private persons the supplier must have the necessary specialist knowledge.

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Providing a safety data sheet

  • A safety data sheet (SDS) must be supplied without being so requested when dangerous (and certain other) chemicals are supplied to professional and commercial customers (inter alia also intermediaries or retailers).
  • In retail sales the safety data sheet must be supplied when requested.

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Take-back obligation for dangerous chemicals

Whosoever supplies dangerous chemicals to private persons must take back small quantities free of charge for correct disposal.

Designating a chemicals contact person

Establishments that supply dangerous chemicals must internally nominate a chemicals contact person. If a person with specialist knowledge is required for this activity then the chemicals contact person must be spontaneously disclosed to the competent cantonal enforcement authority. All other establishments must supply the name of their chemicals contact person when asked. The chemicals contact person is the link between the establishment and the cantonal enforcement authority and in this regard must have an overview of the chemical legal obligations of the establishment.

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Customer data: record keeping obligation no longer applies

Customer data (personal data) no longer needs to be recorded.

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