CH Exporters: Poison centre notification pursuant to CLP

Poison centre notification pursuant to CLP

In Switzerland, manufacturers must report dangerous substances and preparations for the products register RPC when they fulfill the criteria for establishing a safety data sheet. In case of emergencies, the Swiss poison centre Toxinfo thus has access to information such as the composition in RPC.
For firms in the EEA (such as e.g. clients of Swiss firms or their subsidiaries) there will be an obligation to notify mixtures before placing them on the market for consumer and commercial use as of 1.1.2021 (for industrial use as of 1.1.2024).

In principle, the notification must be submitted to the authorities of each EEA member state in their official language(s). ECHA's submission portal supports simultaneous submission for several member countries. A common Poison Centre Notification (PCN) dossier format was defined (compatible with IUCLID). Submission can occur through ECHA's submission portal and dossiers can be prepared offline using IUCLID. In its document "Overview of Member states decisions on implementing Annex VIII to the CLP", the website "ECHA Submission portal" gives an overview of which format is accepted by individual EEA member states. 

Last modification 30.01.2024

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