CH Exporters: Classification and Labelling - Notification pursuant to CLP

Classification and Labelling inventory

The classification and labelling inventory pursuant to CLP has been published by the ECHA. It contains the classifications and labelling pursuant to CLP/GHS of more than 146 000 substances.

Advice for CH exporters

Importers in the EU and in the EEA who procure chemicals from Swiss companies must comply with the registration obligations pursuant to CLP for the classification and labelling inventory. Consequently, Swiss exporters are recommended to support their clients in the EU to the best of their ability. Notification with the ECHA is free of charge and shall be made within one month of the first placing on the market (Art. 40 CLP). Those concerned are EU importers and manufacturers of dangerous substances or substances subject to registration as such and in preparations.

For substances subject to notification, the time limit is one month after the first placing on the market.

Last modification 23.01.2024

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