What must be notified in accordance with Art. 40 (1) CLP?

  • Identity of the manufacturer/importer as specified in Annex VI section 1 REACH (will not be published in the inventory database)
  • Identity of the substance as specified in Annex VI sections 2.1-2.3.4 REACH (will be published
  • GHS classifications of the substance (will be published)
  • if the substance is classified in some, but not all CLP hazardous classes or provide differentiations è justification

- missing data
- inconclusive data
- conclusive data but not sufficient for classification

  • label elements for the substance, including supplemental hazard warnings (Art. 25 (1) CLP)
  • as needed Specific Concentration Limits or an M-factor (for the classification as a category 1 acute or chronic water hazard) together with justification for the assessment

Identity of the substance: Treatment of chemical names in the C&L inventory database

The IUPAC name for which confidentiality is possible and consequently not for publication are:

  • Non-phase in substances
  • Substances only used as one or more of the following:

1. as intermediates and/or
2. In scientific research and development and/or
3. in product and process orientated research and development (PPORD).

Confidentiality flags for treating the IUPAC name as confidential can only be set in IUCLID as no other possibilities exist in the other notification tools.

Last modification 29.11.2018

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