Dossier requirements

All dossiers are generally required to include information on the characteristics of the chemical substance on the one hand, and on the safe use along the supply chain on the other. The larger the quantity and the more dangerous the substance, the more comprehensive the requirements for the dossier. The dossiers are to be submitted to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) electronically (REACH-IT and IUCLID).

Technical dossier

At the core of the dossier for any chemical substance are the classification and labelling of the substance, manufacturer and/or importer information. It includes information on physicochemical, toxicological and ecotoxicological properties, which includes instructions on the safe use of the substance as well as proposals for additional tests that might be necessary to assess the hazards of the substance.

Chemical safety report

The “Chemical Safety Report” (CSR) is required for quantities of 10 tonnes or more; it contains all the details on chemical safety for use along the supply chain. Substances classified as dangerous (criteria Art. 14(4) REACH) as well as PBT or vPvB substances must include an exposure assessment and exposure scenarios in their chemical safety report. After registration, the scenarios must be communicated to downstream users (eSDS). The chemical safety report essentially serves as a risk management tool for users of the chemical substance.

Last modification 26.10.2017

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