SCIP: database with information on articles containing SVHCs

As requested by the waste framework directive, ECHA has developed a database of articles containing SVHCs. SCIP (substances of concern in articles, as such or in complex objects (products)) is a public database which will also contain information about articles imported from countries outside the EU. This information is for waste treating enterprises as well as for consumers.

In the EU/EEA, an obligation to notify will enter into force for suppliers of articles containing more than 0.1% of SVHCs on the candidate list.

In order to permit this obligation to be observed, Swiss exporters should make available the required information to their clients in the EU/EEA. For this purpose, they should make enquiries, in particular with non-EU suppliers, on whether and how much candidate substances are present in the supplied products (articles or parts for manufacturing the articles). 

Last modification 26.03.2020

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