Articles with substances of very high concern: obligation to notify

Within 6 months of the addition of a SVHC into the candidate list, EU manufacturers or importers shall notify ECHA (as of 1 June 2011) (Art. 7 (2) and (7) REACH). This obligation to notify applies when articles comprise more than 0.1% of a SVHC and the substance is present in these articles in an amount totalling more than 1 tonne per year and per producer or importer. The notification is free of charge. The information to be notified shall include the following:

a) the identity and contact details of the producer or importer

b) the registration number(s) referred to in Article 20(1), if available;

c) the identity of the substance as specified in sections 2.1 to 2.3.4 of Annex VI;

d) the classification of the substance(s) as specified in sections 4.1 and 4.2 of Annex VI;

e) a brief description of the use(s) of the substance(s) in the article as specified in section 3.5 of Annex VI and of the uses of the article(s);

f) the tonnage range of the substance(s), such as 1-10 tonnes, 10-100 tonnes and so on.

Last modification 19.09.2016

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