Chemicals Legislation and Guidelines

The aim of the Swiss Chemicals Legislation is to ensure a high level of protection for health and the environment and also to avoid trade barriers with the European Union. 

Chemicals Legislation

The chemicals legislation is based on various acts and ordinances. It is largely harmonised with the regulations of the European Union, but is developed and implemented in an autonomous manner.

Adaptations Chemicals Legislation

The ordinances are regularly adapted in order to cope with developments of technical progress and in particular the European legislation and thereby to maintain a high level of protection.

Status of the harmonisation of Swiss Chemicals legislation with international regulations

The Swiss authorities monitor the development of international and in particular the European chemicals legislation. They evaluate them in regard to possible required adaptations of Swiss law.

Guidelines and Interpretation Aids to the Chemicals Legislation

Given the complexity of the legislation, certain provisions applicable to detailed, specific interpretations are explained in order to facilitate their implementation

Market control

The federal or cantonal authorities regularly check whether the manufacturers, including importers and dealers correctly adhere to the provisions of the chemicals legislation.

Last modification 23.05.2017

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