Reports and Publications

Research work and investigations on diverse aspects of chemicals and chemical products are recorded in scientific publications and reports. A selection of the latest projects involving or supported by federal agencies can be found below.

The evaluation of poisoning accidents shows which products cause the most accidents and are potentially the most dangerous. The more stringent regulations in Switzerland have a positive effect on the number of accidents.
Krähenbühl P (2016)

Das Schweizer Chemikalienrecht
Dag Kappes / Olivier Depallens; StoffRecht 5/2016; S. 252 – 262

Die zukünftige Entwicklung des Schweizer Chemikalienrechts
Dag Kappes / Olivier Depallens; Sicherheit & Recht 2/2016; S. 101 - 110

Endocrine activity of alternatives to BPA found in thermal paper in Switzerland.
Goldinger DM, Demierre AL, Zoller O, Rupp H, Reinhard H, Magnin R, Becker TW, Bourqui-Pittet M (2015) Regul. Toxicol. Pharmacol., 71(3): 453-462.

Chemikalien – ein dynamisches Rechtsgebiet
Dag Kappes/Urs Näf; Sicherheit & Recht 1/2014; S. 49 - 62

Dermal penetration of bisphenol A in human skin contributes marginally to total exposure
Demierre AL, Peter R, Oberli A, Bourqui-Pittet M
Toxicol Lett 2012 Sep; 213(3): 305-308.

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