Reports and Publications

Research work and investigations on diverse aspects of chemicals and chemical products are recorded in scientific publications and reports. A selection of the latest projects involving or supported by federal agencies can be found below.

Swiss Chemicals Legislation: An Overview
Dag Kappes / Olivier Depallens; International Chemical Regulatory and Law Review (ICRL) 2/2018; p. 64 - 73

The authorisation procedure for biocidal products in Switzerland
Brunhilde Kolp Buchs / Dag Kappes; StoffRecht 5/2017; S. 222 - 228

How does the Swiss Chemicals Legislation work?
Dag Kappes; StoffRecht 3/2017; S. 135 - 142

The evaluation of poisoning accidents shows which products cause the most accidents and are potentially the most dangerous. The more stringent regulations in Switzerland have a positive effect on the number of accidents.
Krähenbühl P (2016)

Das Schweizer Chemikalienrecht
Dag Kappes / Olivier Depallens; StoffRecht 5/2016; S. 252 – 262

Die zukünftige Entwicklung des Schweizer Chemikalienrechts
Dag Kappes / Olivier Depallens; Sicherheit & Recht 2/2016; S. 101 - 110

Endocrine activity of alternatives to BPA found in thermal paper in Switzerland.
Goldinger DM, Demierre AL, Zoller O, Rupp H, Reinhard H, Magnin R, Becker TW, Bourqui-Pittet M (2015) Regul. Toxicol. Pharmacol., 71(3): 453-462.

Chemikalien – ein dynamisches Rechtsgebiet
Dag Kappes/Urs Näf; Sicherheit & Recht 1/2014; S. 49 - 62

Dermal penetration of bisphenol A in human skin contributes marginally to total exposure
Demierre AL, Peter R, Oberli A, Bourqui-Pittet M
Toxicol Lett 2012 Sep; 213(3): 305-308.

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