Information Sheets

Information sheets on various topics are published here. The contents represent a resumé and the issues are sometimes presented in a simplified manner. Consequently, the information sheets cannot replace an exact study of the legal provisions concerned. 

Chemicals Legislation in general

  • Information sheet and helpful information on chemical products

Internet commerce

  • Information sheet on the sale of chemical products in Switzerland via the internet

Individual substances or families of substances

  • Information sheet on NMP N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone; CAS-No.
  • Information Sheet Hydrofluoric Acid Hydrogen Fluoride in solution; CAS-No. 7664-39-3

Biocidal products

  • Fact sheet on ozone generators for air treatment
  • Room air disinfection to combat the new coronavirus
  • Information note : Hydroalcoholic hand gels

Last modification 14.03.2022

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