UFI (Unique Formula Identifier)

The UFI allows the Tox Info Suisse to quickly identify the composition in case of poisoning.

The concept of UFI was introduced in the Chemicals Ordinance (ChemO, SR 813.11) in the revision that came into force on 1 March 2018. Its use will be obligatory as of 1 January 2022 for preparations intended for private users and that are classified as dangerous because of their physical effects or their effects on health (see Art. 15a, 49 let. d and Art. 93a).

An UFI for preparations, which are placed on the market in Switzerland, but not in the EU, can be generated with the programme (see below) using the Swiss VAT number. The UFI has to be reported into the product register and to be indicated on the label.

For preparations designated for export into the EU/EEA, the UFI should be generated according to the ┬źNotice concerning UFI┬╗.

Note: For technical reasons, the algorithm of the Swiss UFI Generator was adapted in September 2019. In individual cases, UFI codes generated before this change can no longer be reproduced. However, these codes can still be used because the adjustment has no effect on their uniqueness.

Last modification 20.11.2019

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