Two-factor authentication

Data entered into the product register for chemicals (RPC) is considered as sensitive and confidential data. Currently, two-factor authentication is optional for new user accounts and can be manually enabled for existing accounts.

For security reasons, two-factor authentication will become mandatory for all user accounts from april 1st 2022.

In addition to the email address and password, it will be mandatory to set up three security questions and a second authentication factor.

The possibilities are as follows:
- mTAN via SMS (The mobileTAN, short mTAN, is a 6-digit numerical code that can be used only once, which you receive by SMS during a secure login)
- mTAN via landline number (option depending on the telephone provider)
- Authenticator APP (Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator etc.)

Help for two-factor authentication:
- CH-Login HELP
- How to activate and use two-factor authentication (PDF, 723 kB, 15.12.2021)
- Problems with receiving mTAN via SMS (PDF, 168 kB, 15.12.2021)
- Help with security questions (PDF, 463 kB, 15.12.2021)

For more questions about two-factor authentication: FAQ RPC

Last modification 15.12.2021

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